Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Leave a Comment for Mama Bee No E

Post Update: My Commenting system has been updated to Disqus since this post. Read here for further instructions.

I have been in the middle of editing my first post for the next section of my blog, Restoration. But I thought I would take some time to address the topic of 'commenting on Mama Bee No E'.

In the past couple of days, it has come to my attention that there are some of you who are interested in leaving comments but haven't for one reason or another.

I am really excited, because there are people reading my ramblings AND they actually want to respond.

So, here is the thing. I thought about opening up my blog to all comments - including anonymous comments, which would not require a log in (because really, I am not concerned about an interested reader leaving their name if they don't want to) --------but I am not and here is why.....

If I leave the blog comments open like that -  it exposes the blog to spamming autobots that post comments about diet pills and x-rated material. I have followed blogs that have this problem and it is really annoying.

Those of you interested in leaving comments - you can use your existing Google (gmail), AIM, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, or OpenID to post a comment. It will ask you to create a blogger profile - BUT!!!!! the only thing required is that you type in a name you want to be displayed above your comment. Although you can if you want (it is not required) give personal info., a profile picture, etc.

My sister, Rachel, has successfully posted comments and I asked her about the process of logging in. She said that it is was super fast and that she has not gotten any extra nonsense emails because of it. AND she can posts comments at any time.

If you do not have one of the above logins and are still interested, you can post a comment by creating an account for any of the above sites (I would suggest Google- not only because it gives you access to Gmail, which is awesome - it will also give you access to any other Blogger Blogs that you follow.)

I love that you are following this blog and hopefully I will continue to post stuff that you like to read. I would be honored if you would take a little time to set yourself up to post comments, but if after reading this you feel it is too much trouble, I understand and hope that you keep coming back and post comments on Facebook, if that is easier.

- Mama Bee No E

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