Sunday, February 17, 2013

Safety Check List

At the end of January, I took my youngest son, B, in for his 6 month check-up. It was a great appointment with Dr. H. Everything with B checked out great. But while we were there Dr. H said something that I didn't know at the time would come back to haunt me.

While we were discussing B's milestone progress he said "I am not going to go through the safety checklist, you have all of that under control." I nodded my head, thankful for the compliment. I laugh to myself thinking back on that moment even now.

Two things happened that week that put me in my Mama Bee No E place.

Safety Check List - Fail #1

One evening while I was cooking dinner, the first failure occurred. I was standing in the kitchen by my stove talking with Fas he was under my feet, playing on the floor, and going through my cabinets. At the time, I am not sure what we were talking about, but many times before we had discussed the stove - that it was hot and it could hurt you, not to grab things off of the counter while mommy was cooking, etc.

I turned to open a box of rice and I heard that sound. The sound of the "Mommy, I am really hurt this time" cry. The one where they make a cry sound and then go silent while their lips turn slightly blue because they aren't breathing, when finally they take a breath they sob again. My heart is hurting as I describe it. F had touched the side of a pot on my stove with both hands.

Josh heard 'that sound' from across the house and instantly knew that something was wrong. He came rushing into the kitchen as I picked F up and took him back to the bathroom. I ran cold water over his hands and he instantly calmed down. Phew! Then I knew that it wasn't emergency room bad.

For the remainder of the week, I watched over F as blisters formed on three of his little fingers (one was really bad) and the rest of his fingers peeled. I learned that Band-aids are a joke for kids this age, especially on their hands. F wouldn't allow one to stay on him for more than 30 seconds. So, I washed his hands constantly and applied Aquaphor (the best product ever, click here to read more) after each washing and prayed that infection wouldn't set in while the new baby skin formed.

At the end of the week, I slinked into Dr. H's office to have him check on F's burns (there was still one blister that was worrying me). I told Dr. H that he had jinxed me with his safety check list comment. He laughed and told me not to feel bad, this sort of thing happens all the time.
Just when I thought we were in the clear.....

Safety Check List - Fail #2

Sunday mornings at our house are busy, busy. I wake up at 6 am to get myself ready for church before the rest of the house gets up. It takes all of my energy to get our family of four out the door in time for the 9 am service (as soon as the kids nap schedule will tolerate we are switching to a more forgiving time for church, until then, I solider on). We were almost ready to head out the door. The kids were dressed and fed - Josh and I were in our bathroom finishing up, Beckett was playing on the floor of our room with toys, F was under our feet and in our cabinets (you know where I am going :).

I am looking in the mirror, putting on mascara, when I hear a sound. This time it is the "Mommy, I just did something bad and it kind of hurts and I don't know what is happening" cry. I turn to see that F has sprayed himself in the face with our daily shower spray. AHHHHHH!!!!!!

Josh and I looked at each other and instantly made a game plan. He picked up F and ran him to the other bathroom, I checked to see that Beck was okay and then ran after him. We took off his shirt and Josh held him over the sink while I shoveled water at him while holding his eye open. By the end of it all, F was soaking wet and completely traumatized (not by spraying himself in the eye) but by the fact that he had gotten an unexpected extremely cold shower and the fact that his parents were freaking out. Once he calmed down, we asked him if he was okay (the shower spray is non-toxic, thank goodness), he nodded yes. I looked at Josh and said "We are going to church, it has taken all of my energy to get to this point."

We went to church, a little late, a little ruffled, but we went. F had fun in his one year class, Beck took a nap the entire service in his newborn class, and Mama got to be Brook for 1.5 hours during the worship service and sermon. Later, while the kids were napping, I went through the house (again) to find dangerous chemicals within reach.

-Mama Bee No E

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