Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weapons Against Snot

In light of my on again, off again, one way love affair with snot. I thought it might be appropriate to feature some items I use to battle against the overwhelming amounts of snot coming out of my children.

2. Little Remedies for Noses

3. Wipes, I like Target Brand

4. Super Deluxe Suction Bulb from Northside Hospital

I would like to highlight Item #3, Little Remedies for Noses. This stuff is awesome! My friend, Anne Marie, recommended it to me on a late night call for advice on how to get the snot out of #1's head. When you spray this stuff up there, it moisturizes yes, but you are more times than not also going to get a huge sneeze. And for my kids, nothing evacuates snot better than a huge sneeze.

My steps for removing snot:

1. Suction out any that is willing to come out

2. Spray Little Remedies

3. Wait for the sneeze or for the mucus to loosen

4. Suction out loads and loads of snot.

5. Put your child in a mini head lock to wipe away any leftover

6. Apply Aquaphor to help heal any irritation

7. Repeat 1.1 million times from November - March :)

Now, if you made it through this grossly descriptive post AND found it helpful AND laughed because this is the scene at your house  - you are a certified, Grade A, MAMA!

- Mama Bee No E


  1. ahhh...this happened for the first time yesterday. It was awful. You are a pro.

    1. I hope you are surviving the first cold. It is definitely a right of passage. Once you get this one down, the others won't seem so bad.