Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sticker Eggs

sticker eggs
The next Egg Week activity involves one of [F]'s favorite things, STICKERS!

He is obsessed with them and when I say obsessed I am mean OBSESSED! Every afternoon, he goes to the work table and asks me to get out his stickers.

When I found this idea, I knew we had to try it.

We used the eggs that we dyed before as a base for this activity and went from there.

I used stickers that I already had at home.
Most of them came from my years teaching middle school.

Of course, right away, [F] knew what to do :)

I covered a baking pan with a towel to give the eggs a soft, roll-resistant place to rest while he applied stickers.

And as usual, he went sticker crazy.....thank goodness for our stainless steel table top.

I used the sticker leftovers on a couple of the eggs. These worked great because, you can apply them completely flush to the egg if you cut them as you go.

After we were done applying stickers, we popped them back in to egg dye for their second coat.
As you can see, some of the stickers did not stick so good during their dye bath. I found that not all stickers are equal when it comes to decorating easter eggs. The ones that worked the best for us were foil stickers (ones not made of paper).

Last step is to peel the stickers off. Another one of [F]'s favorite things to do :)

Here is the end result. Aren't they pretty? I was really pleased with how they turned out and how much fun [F] had during the process. Below is a little about each egg....

[1] This egg was dropped by [F] during the process of applying stickers. Although it cracked, we still used it. The stickers did not stick so well, but the cracks made an interesting design on the egg. We may try to do a whole batch of purposely cracked eggs next year.

[2] & [3] These are the eggs that I applied the sticker left overs to. #3 is my favorite.

[4] & [5] Both of these were done by [F]. The colors in both turned out so great.

I got the idea for this activity from {Handmade Charlotte}.

Cost Break Down

5 eggs @ 14 cents a piece   $0.70

stickers and egg dye supplies we had at home already.....

Total: $0.70
Remaining Budget for the Week: $14.15

- Mama Bee No E

This post is part of my Easter Series....

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  1. His face and reactions this week have made me so happy :)