Friday, March 22, 2013

'Little' Man #1 - Mommy's helper

These past couple of weeks I have taken note of the fact that my oldest, [F] (23 months), is really picking up speed with helping around the house.

I confess, infancy is not my favorite stage of child rearing. I do have beautiful memories of that time with both of my boys - but I am really stoked about the older stages of growth. 

I love the fact that I am now able to verbally interact and communicate with [F]. I love seeing him blossom into a person, with his own personality. And he is taking initiative with helping mommy out in his own, almost two years old, way.

He now....

- closes the dishwasher once I have finished loading or unloading it.
- puts his dirty cloths in the hamper.
- cleans up his play area each evening before bed (with daddy's help).
- picks up his little brother's sippy cup when it has fallen from his high chair.
- puts all recycling materials in the garage (they are messy and all over the place,
  but they are in the there :).
- throws away the wrapper for his oatmeal each morning while I am making his breakfast.

I know these are little things in terms of the big picture, but they are huge things for him right now, in this moment. The only thing I love as much as him hugging me, is the look he has on his face when he has done something he is proud of.

I love my 'Biggest Little Man' and am honored to be his mama.

What are your little one's (young or old) doing these days that make you realize how grown up they are?

- Mama Bee No E


  1. Graduating from college, going on job interviews, asking my advice just because.

  2. That has to be surreal for you. What amazing milestones!