Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No, toddler, You Can Not Hold That.

[F], my 23 month old, looks like my husband, but acts JUST LIKE ME. This comes in handy, because some times I can see the direction he is going before he gets there. This is exhausting, because he is curious about everything and an all around busy body.

Here is a list of just a 'few' things he has grabbed a hold of in the last couple of weeks:

  • the Dirt Devil
  • blade to my food processor
  • scissors
  • glass full of water
  • someone else's bottled water from the park (yuck!)
  • my flat iron
  • his dad's glasses
  • empty soup can
  • my wireless keyboard
  • empty prescription bottle
  • his brother's poopy diaper
My son is a basically a toddler version of Jackie Chan. He can quietly, quickly, and expertly reach any object of interest - even when I am standing right next to him.

Are there any things your toddlers/children have gotten a hold of that they 100% should not have in their possession?

p.s. No toddlers, or parents were injured in writing this post.

- Mama Bee No E


  1. Too funny! I remember those days with Brandon. It's a wonder he made it to 25 years of age! The scariest thing he grabbed (and drank) was a full bottle of Triaminc when he was 15 months old. Yep! He did! A call to poison control, a trip to the ER,one very upset momma and he survived. Whew!!! I wonder if he'll have one "just like him?"

  2. Leila, thanks for your comment. It makes me feel better to know that there are other moms who have experienced this too :)