Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tea Time - A Lovely Margin

Margin {mahr-jin}

a blank space
a border
an additional amount

In honor of the fleeting efforts of winter, I want to discuss Tea Time. I have become a lover of tea these past few years and have enjoyed learning the art of taking time for tea.

All of my memories surrounding tea are good ones. Wonderful ones in fact. I can remember so tangibly the feeling of placing a warm cup of tea on my very pregnant belly and feeling the pokes and nudges of my baby boys. So many times, a cup of tea has saved my sanity during a whirling day of teaching. I would sit with my midday tea buddy and take a moment to breath. Tea Time brought a much needed stillness and comradery to our little workspace.

For me, Tea Time is the....

'blank space' in the day to take a breath and connect with myself or a friend.

'border' that separates me from chaos.

'additional amount' I need to feel calm again.

- Mama Bee No E

This post is dedicated to my 'Tea Time Sister', Nao.


  1. Last Sunday Charleston Community Yoga hosted a "Tea Time". The studio is selling Health Path, a local company, products now. We were able to try all of the teas.. you would love them.

    I am not a huge lover of tea, I prefer coffee. However, I purchased a coffee substitute that tastes amazing. But, I have had headaches all week long!

    anyway, whenever you make your next trip, you'll have to grab some of your own Health Path tea!!

    1. I saw that event on Facebook. Times like those that make me miss living far away from you guys.