Friday, March 29, 2013

Paint Eggs

toddler paint eggs
toddler painting eggs
I found out a while back that [F] does not like paint (or anything) on his hands.

This came to my attention after a traumatic finger painting session a couple of months ago where he was upset and I couldn't figure out why.....after a couple of minutes I realized that he wanted me to wipe his hands. Once I did that and gave him a brush, he was set to go.

So, when I found this decorating technique - I knew [F] would be all over it.

Paint eggs is pretty straight forward, the toddler puts paint on the eggs. Because  the eggs roll around a lot, they get this cool marbled look to them.
creating egg painting
This 'egg painting' activity piggy backed nicely with the paint eggs. Once he lost interest in using the paint brush we rolled straight into this.

I covered a baking sheet with plastic to protect it from the paint.
egg painting oops
As you can see, we should have used something with higher sides.... :)
finished egg painting
The Finished Egg Painting

Paint Eggs with Car

This was too cute not to include. I was trying to get a shot of the eggs and this was [F]'s way of telling me time was up :) He is such a boy and I love it.

I got the idea for Paint Eggs from {Parent Magazine}
I got the idea for the Egg Painting from {Experimenting Mom}

Cost Break Down

6 eggs @ 14 cents a piece = $0.84

The finger paint, paper, and brushes we already had at home....

Total: $0.84
Remaining Budget for the week: $13.31

- Mama Bee No E

This post is part of my Easter Series....

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  1. Wow! Those look amazing. I am glad we could inspire you to create with your kids. Thanks for linking to us.