Sunday, March 3, 2013

Workout Journal 2013: 2/21-3/2

I was going to delay my workout journal until I could tell more of the background of the journey I am on - but I decided not to. I think it is important for my accountability to get started with this and then catch you up on the background stuff along the way. So here we go.

Thursday - 2/21

I didn't want to workout, but I did. I felt pretty good through the ab portion, but once I got to the legs my right hip flexor wasn't having it. So, I skipped the leg/butt portion and went to the arms. Overall, I was glad that I worked out AND glad that I didn't push it with my legs. I have found that if I do that, it puts me out for longer and makes me dread starting back up.

Saturday - 2/23
I was supposed to workout today, but didn't. My right hip flexor is still giving me trouble. Instead, I got my heating pad and watched some TV :) I am hoping if I rest, I can get back at it on my next scheduled day 2/25.

Monday - 2/25

Well.....yesterday afternoon (2/24) I pushed the kids in their heavy (as you know what) double stroller around my hilly neighborhood. The weather was beautiful and the boys were in heaven. But when we got back home, my whole right groin area was screaming :( So, I have rested again today from working out. I didn't anticipate (on my first week of journaling for the blog) that I would have so much time out, but I guess that is the way it goes sometimes.

Tuesday - 2/26 (Milestone Reached)

I am back in the saddle! My workout went great. In fact, for the first time since starting the DVD (5 months ago) - I was able to complete the workout from start to finish without having to pause the DVD to rest. :)  :)  :) I am so happy. I even did some (well, only four, but I did them) leg extensions that I have never been able to do. It is days like these that keep me working out when I don't want to.

Thursday - 2/28

Today, I felt good. Now that I am becoming more and more comfortable with the routine, I am trying to really concentrate on the quality of my movements. Really making sure I am controlling everything. The pike series (which I normally loathe) wasn't so bad for me today. Of course, I am still doing modified versions of all of the these.....but I am getting stronger every time. Today, I also did modified versions of the side planks (see below). This helped a lot with being able to complete all of the reps.

Modified Side Plank
bend leg closest to the ground for support

Saturday - 3/2
Today was a bad one. My boys have been waking up the past two nights at midnight and staying up until about 1:00...1:30am. They have been struggling with head colds. Well, today I woke up with a scratchy throat and knew that I was in for it physically. The boys were pretty demanding all day because they were not feeling well at all. My patience was running thin with everything because I was feeling really run down. I kept thinking through the whole day "this is supposed to be my workout day" and that only made me more frustrated. After dinner, I debated back and forth about whether or not to push myself to workout. On one hand, I was ticked off enough about being sick that I wanted to do it and focus on something other than my scratchy throat. On the other, I had this sinking feeling the boys are going to wake up again and I needed to rest.

I ended up working out.....sort of. I went to put on my workout clothes and promised myself I would stop if I felt I was over doing it. My goal was to complete the abs portion only (since that is my biggest area of concern) and stop for the night. I got through the crunches and the pikes and then stopped half way through the planks because I could feel my heartbeat in my head and knew I was about to over do it. I am frustrated that I didn't accomplish my goal - but I am glad that I completed some part of the workout (something is better than nothing). Tomorrow is my rest day and hopefully by Monday I will feel better.

Thanks for reading.

- Mama Bee No E