Monday, March 11, 2013

Workout Journal: 3/3-3/10

Monday 3/4

After a day of rest, I felt much better. My workout tonight was good. I felt strong and I finished the routine from start to finish. A big thanks to my wonderful husband, who went to the grocery store so that I could workout. Feeling good.

Wednesday 3/6

My workout tonight was weird. I started out 'kind of' pumped (which isn't very) about working out. And the farther I got through it, the more I didn't want to finish. Usually, it is the other way around for me - I start with a bad attitude and end with a good one. Physically I was not able to do anything new, but as a positive - my right side didn't give me any trouble and usually it does.

Friday 3/8

Today's weather was GREAT! and made me look forward to wearing warm weather clothes - which motivated me (as much as I can be motivated) to workout. Tonight, I got started a little late and ended up shortening my workout (abs and arms only). During the abs I felt pretty good, except that my back was feeling sore during some of the more difficult ab stuff. If it is not one thing feeling weak, it is another - so I am trying to teach myself to not stress and just do what I can with the body I have for that day. During the arms, I felt good. I have grown to really love this section because this is where I have seen the most drastic change in my muscle structure (my little shoulder muscle is starting to form that toned line at the top of my arm :) Good day all in all. Bring on the warm weather!

Sunday 3/10

The weather here was beautiful all weekend. My family spent a lot of time in the yard, playing and working on home projects. I didn't end up working out tonight :( - instead, I went to dinner (which we can't afford to do that often) with my family and enjoyed relaxing with my husband afterwards :).

Thanks for reading.

- Mama Bee No E

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