Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Lorax By Dr.Seuss

ISBN #: 978-0-394-82337-9

In honor of Earth Day coming up (April 22nd) and the theme for [F]'s 2nd birthday party, I recommend to you - The Lorax.

This a beautiful story of a little furry 'peanut' who speaks for the trees that are being chopped down in the name of commerce. We fell in love with this story through the animated film that was released in 2012. Once [F] and Josh :) saw the first few minutes - we were hooked. Since then, we have watched the movie a million times and gotten the book to read the original story.

This book teaches a very important lesson that I want to make sure my kids don't miss - Treat the planet with respect. Be aware of what you consume and how it affects others.

As I mentioned before, [F] has already taken a liking to recycling. I look forward to teaching him more about ways to conserve as he gets older.

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- brook.

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