Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Club Dancin' Cardio

This post is going to do one of two things:

A.  make you think I am an idiot

B.  let you know that I am your girl and secret best workout girlfriend :)

I LOVE, I mean LOVE to dance. I don't mean ballet conservative dancing, I am the type of dancing you do in a club.

My love for crazy, music blasting, forget about everything dancing started when I was very young. My Dad has an enormous music collection and amazing stereo system. Most nights when he came home, he would blast the stereo and all of us kids would get out all of energy and dance before bedtime. My mom would always tell us that there is no such thing as someone who can't dance - there are those who are self conscious about it and those who are not. My parents raised us to be the later. These dance sessions are some of my fondest memories of my parents and my childhood.

Every once in a while I will workout by doing some Club Dancin' in my living room. It is a great cardio workout and an excellent way to release negative energy from the day.

In order for Club Dancin' to be an effective workout, you have to turn the music up in your head phones and REALLY dance for 20-30 minutes - as if you were on stage :)

Everyone has those songs that they don't want anyone to know they love. But.....when you are by yourself, you totally jam out to the song. Well, with no shame, I am going to reveal my favorite workout songs as playlists. I will try and update it monthly.

Here is the one for April 2013.
Cardio List April 2013 by Brook Powell on Grooveshark

May 2013
Cardio List May 2013 by Brook Powell on Grooveshark

June 2013
Cardio List June 2013 by Brook Powell on Grooveshark

Are any of these songs already on your playlist?

- Mama Bee No E

Check out my Restoration page for more information on my whole workout routine.


  1. Love it! Only two not on my list are Maneater and One Two Step. Waka waka by Shakira has a great beat, also Danza Kuduro by Don Omar and finally Say Hey by Michael Franti and Spearhead!

  2. I love this! My dancing tends to lean away from club and towards hippie flower child. HA! I'll share a few songs that Roan and I dance to regularly. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - That's What's Up- AND Of Monsters and Men- Mountain Sound. Check them out :) Perhaps we can have a dance party with our little ones and let the clubbie and the hippie collide!

  3. Molly - Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely be checking those out. I just love it that you already had most of the songs. And I really can't believe you have Danity Kane in your collection :) I thought I was the only educated woman alive who listened to them ;)

  4. Ashley - The dance party is on....[F] was swaying back in forth to Nicki Manaj today. He can't resist a good beat. :)