Sunday, April 14, 2013

Workout Journal 4/8 - 4/14

Tuesday 4/9

Tonight I was back doing the Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy DVD. This time, I turned the volume low and put in my Club Dancin Cardio Playlist. I just couldn't get motivated by the calm classical music that is already on the DVD. I don't know if it was the music or the fact that I hadn't done strength training in a week - but I was dripping with sweat at the end of it. It felt great. I just love how strong this workout has made me feel. This is one of those days to remember when I am feeling unmotivated.

Thursday 4/11

I had such great plans for tonight. Little did I know that [B] had an agenda already set for the evening. He struggled with fever all day :( and no I didn't cry :).

I put him down at regular bed time, but he cried and cried and cried - so I got him up. He was hot as fire iron and happy as a lark that I got him out of bed. He stayed up babbling until 10:30! So that pretty much killed the hour plus I had planned for working out. Oh well, no workout time for tonight....

Friday 4/12

This evening I had two goals - strength training workout. hang out with my husband. I was able to do both. We watched the Hunger Games movie while I did my workout on the living room floor. This time, I didn't do it from memory - I had Josh's laptop with the DVD playing silently so that I could make sure I covered everything thoroughly. It was good night.

Sunday 4/14

Today I got to visit with some family I haven't seen in over a year (which was great:). I also ate ice cream, banana pudding, and some Sprees - so I knew I HAD to follow through and workout (Boo!). I just wanted to relax after a good dinner with the family. But I didn't - I got my butt in gear and did the DVD. I hated it all the way through - even to the very last move. But I did it. Mainly because I didn't want to come to my journal and have to post that I chose to sit and eat Sprees all night. So tonight's workout is totally owed to my Workout Journal writing and those of you who read it and comment.

Thanks for reading.

Read more details about my workout routine on my Restoration Page.

- brook.

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