Friday, May 10, 2013

10.ten.tenth [May 2013] - A Typical Day at Home

When I came across the Ten on Ten project last month, I knew right away I wanted to be a part of it.

Rebekah Gough has been sponsoring this project on her blog since 2008.

[10] photographs. taken over [ten] hours, posted on the [tenth] of the month.

This series of photos shows..........A Typical Day at Home.

[8 o'clock hour] - Draw back curtains and welcome little people into the day.

[9 o' clock hour] - My cleaning starts with the breakfast dishes.

[10 o'clock hour] - Reading time while the second one sleeps.

[11 o'clock hour] - Enjoying fresh flowers while I make the rounds to straighten up the house.

[12 o' clock hour] - Part of my lunch. I am a grazer at this part of the day.

[1 o' clock hour] - Some serious play time before the big nap of the day.

[2 o' clock hour] - Boys are asleep and I indulge in some chocolate while the house is quiet.

[3 o' clock hour] - Mid afternoon smoothie. Mango, Peaches, Avocado, Milk, Protein, Ice.

[4 o' clock hour] - Post nap diaper changes.

[5 o' clock hour] - Soaking up some time with #2 and a little Vitamin D, while #1 plays in the yard.

[6 o' clock hour] - Squeezing in some laundry folding before dinner.

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  1. This is so, so sweet! And aren't Target diapers the best?

  2. Mmm, love the idea of mid-afternoon smoothie pick-up. I'll have to try your combo. We normally stick to morning smoothies with berries, spinach, hemp hearts, bananas, and milk. Your combo sounds so refreshing.


  3. Love your set of pics -- from the Sunflowers to the dishes in the sink!! Stopping by from Ten on Ten!!

  4. Sunni,
    Yes!!!!! We use Target wipes and diaper cream as well. No leaks and super cheap.

  5. Breanne-
    Hemp hearts sounds good. I will have to try that next.
    Thanks for stopping by Mama Bee No E.

  6. Glad you enjoyed them, Cindy. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Very nice... I like the sentiment on the candy wrapper -

  8. Michelle,
    Me too :) Thanks for taking a look at my Ten on Ten photos.