Thursday, May 2, 2013

April 2013

This month was so full of life. April will always be one of my favorite because it is my biggest boy's birthday month. With that I begin with a milestone for [F].

April 4th - Speaking the Alphabet.....trying to anyway :)

Alphabet by Kate Sutton
Beautiful Hand Drawn Alphabet by
Kate Sutton

I don't remember why this started - but it did. I began reciting the alphabet and [F] would attempt to repeat the letters after me. He was so darn cute.

My big boy got B, C, D, E, H, I, N, P, T correctly on the first go round. We have practiced the alphabet every day since.

April 20th - #2 on the move

[B] has always been a very physical baby...grabbing and pulling on things. But today, he took it to a whole new level - he scaled around his bed while holding on :) such a big boy he is :)

April 21st - #1 turns 2

We held a birthday party for [F] on the 20th, but the 21st is his birthday. He had so much fun at his birthday. I can't even believe my first born, blue eyes is already 2.

Party balloons

April 26th - Quality Campfire Time

For the past couple of weeks, my husband's side of the family has had the good fortune of being all together - including his brother, wife, and little boy from overseas (who we haven't seen in over a year). On this night, we had a campfire out at my in-laws (which is gorgeous as you can see from the pictures). I ate way too many s'mores and really enjoyed the time together.

Beautiful Pasture


April 30th - Well Checks

Today we took both boys [at the same time] to their check-ups - [F]'s two year and [B]'s nine month.
Both boys did great and got a clean bill of health. So thankful for this.

Baby Toes
[B]'s Toes Post Appointment

Let's join together and share memories of April with the beginning of a new Mama Bee No E series I am calling..........'Memory of the Month'.

Post a memory you had from this past April in the comment section below. It could be anything big or small. Feel free to include a picture by clicking the.....
image icon within the Disqus comment box.
Also, if you wrote blog post about a memory of yours from April - feel free to include a link within your comment.

I look forward to reading about your April memories :)

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This post is part of my Diary.

- brook.

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