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Mother's Day 2013 - The Importance of Imperfect Photography

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Today's Mother's Day post comes with a lot of encouragement and a little challenge to come out of our comfort zone.

A while back, I found this wonderful. wonderful. article written by Allison Tate  entitled The Mom Stays in the Picture. It made me cry when I read it. I cried because it is so true about me. I cried because I knew that because of it, I could never act the same.

The truth about me - I avoid pictures with my kids because of my vanity.
Another truth - when I take a picture with my babies, I weigh the photo down with razor thin criticisms.

Allison writes so perfectly about why we, as mothers, avoid the camera and why we should start embracing it.

"We're sporting mama bodies and we're not as young as we used to be. We don't always have time to blow dry our hair, apply make-up, perhaps even bathe (ducking). The kids are so much cuter than we are; better to just take their pictures, we think.
But we really need to make an effort to get in the picture. Our sons need to see how young and beautiful and human their mamas were. Our daughters need to see us vulnerable and open and just being ourselves -- women, mamas, people living lives."

I had my husband take this picture of me a couple of days ago - a picture of me with a love note to my two little men. I did it because I want them to know how I feel about them at this moment. I did it because I need practice at this. Even as I am uploading the photo to this post, I find my thoughts becoming critical (eyes to squinty, smile too big and cheesy.....).

But then I stop myself and focus my thinking back on the truth about this photo......

this is me. young, healthy, and totally in love with my boys.
my face looks like that because [B] was behind the camera (in Josh's arms) giving me the most amazing gummy grin and waving his arms in the excited at just the sight of me.

That makes me LOVE this photo.

My sister-in-law, Ashley, and I recently have had some wonderful times being moms together. She lives overseas, so this has been a great blessing to me. We have talked about crazy mama moments, our birthing stories, and the topic of photography.

I had mentioned the overall theme for today's post and she described to me her feelings about how important it is to appreciate the imperfect photos we take. She started her thoughts with "see that is why I don't like digital photography....we don't appreciate and treasure photos anymore.....all we care about is taking that perfect shot...." she is SO right. We spend so much time trying to rearrange our kids and conjure out the perfect expression - that we often loose or even ruin the moment.

Truth is - this world needs imperfect pictures. The energy spent trying to post 'perfect' poses onto Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram creates stress, it creates strife. Life is too short and too full of these things already for us to create more of it ourselves.

I am not opposed to that perfect family photo - every once in a while......but our day in and day out should capture the realness of it all - INCLUDING us mamas.

Happy Mother's Day to all my lovely 'Mama Bees'. Jump in front of that camera with boldness.


....because Motherhood is all of the 'THOSE' things that non-parents dread......but it is also wonderful.

Please take some time to read Allison Tate's full article by clicking here. It is beautiful.

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- brook.

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  1. Girl, this is an amazing post! I love it and it totally hits home with me. I am going to email you!

  2. i have no shame and never have! yes i judge my photos but post them anyway. me is me!! i love the line from that song. "what i am is what i am. are you what you are or what?" <3

  3. Yes, Sunni! Please do! mamabeenoe[at]gmail[dot]com.

  4. That is what I love about you. Happy Mother's Day, Em.

  5. Best blog post yet! After seeing all the pictures of my friends with their mamas on fb yesterday, I decided to find one of me and my kids with my mama. Well, after searching through several boxes, I could not find one. I was so sad to think that in the four months between Meghann's birth and my mama's death I had never taken a picture of her with the three of us. Yes, the tears flowed. Lately I have found myself fussing at friends and family who don't want to be in pictures. It is so important for so many reasons. GET IN FRONT OF THAT CAMERA, LADIES!

  6. those eyes are rainbowish