Friday, May 17, 2013

Favorite Finds [A Beautiful Mess Photo App]

Recently I have come across a couple of things that I absolutely love. If you have been reading Mama Bee No E - you know that my family is on a TIGHT budget, so I am always looking for cheap ways to entertain myself and our family.

Favorite Finds is a new series of posts that will include things I have come across that I love. They won't always be a 'family find', many will be things that I find to be great for myself. I hope you see something here that you will enjoy.

First up......A BEAUTIFUL MESS PHOTO APP!!!!!!!!

This Favorite Find is brought to you by Elsie and Emma the authors of the A Beautiful Mess blog.

[A Beautiful Mess]
I love this little piece of 99 cent heaven. You can download it for your Iphone and use it spruce up photos for any social media site or just for your own keeping.

I used it to create the 'Favorite Finds' graphic you see above...and you will probably see many more graphics on this blog using this app.

My favorite thing about it......once you create an image, it saves automatically to the photo library on your phone.

Here are a couple of other images I created this past week with the app....

Other Favorite Finds....

Mr. Printables

French Press Mornings - Encouraging Wednesdays

Thanks for reading.
- brook.

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