Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Please Knock" Sign

For all of you out there with napping littles.....or for the new mom in your life - this is a must have.

Right after I had [B], I went over to my friend Alyson's house and she had this wonderful little sign hanging from her front door. Immediately I knew that I needed one of them. My husband has his own business and we are forever getting packages delivered to the house for that reason.

With a new baby and trying to get two kids to take naps, I was going crazy already without the Fedex guy ringing the doorbell :) I went home and made my own version of the sign.......

I had every intention of ordering the one she had, but a few days later there was a knock at the door and this beautiful thing was handed to me by the Fedex guy. My dear friend ordered one for me, knowing that I was to my eyeballs in diaper changes and laundry.

This little piece of wood has saved me so much weariness. So, next time you are heading to a shower or remembering a mommy friend's birthday....pick up one of these. Such a great gift for only $11.50!

You can order them from SaidInStoneOnline.

This post is part of my Mama Toolbox.

- brook.

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