Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Club Dancin' Playlist [June 2013]

With this post I bring you a new workout mix for June 2013.

It includes two more from Robyn, my current obsession.

And a tune from Beyonce' you all know, Single Ladies. This song has crossed my path twice in the last month via You Tube and with that I knew I had to include it. The first time was with this hilarious video.
The second time was with this low key cover by Sara Bareilles.

I hope you enjoy this mix. Keep it up, workout buddies!

Cardio List June 2013 by Brook Powell on Grooveshark
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- brook.


  1. I'll have to skip Single Ladies as it is maybe my least favorite song ever :) but I dig the rest of the play list! About to work out to it right now!

  2. Sorry about that :) - after this month you won't see it again :)
    What is your favorite from the list?