Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's Day to all you dads who read my blog :) won't ever admit it publicly and that is okay :) I have a few cards for each of my 'dad readers' at the end of this post (don't worry, I do not call you out by name :).

When I was prepping for Josh's Fathers day I came across so many cards that were fitting for him....

Happy Father's Day to the coolest 'Daddio' I know.

Because your beard is massive right now.
[My French Sailor]
and you are obsessed with robots.
[Sweet Harvey]
and you have a tape measure in your eyeballs.
(literally, he can tell you the measurement of most anything by looking at it)
[Snow & Graham]
and we both love the periodic table.
[Owlish Grey]

and, my personal favorite, because [F] started calling you 'Daddio'.
(we don't know why, but we love it)
[Not On The High Street]

Okay, my dad readers (all four of you :)

To the camping scholar, I hope you get some time outdoors during this busy season of writing...

{Paper Crave}
To the one who will soon catch a big fish.....

{The Nimbus Factory}
To the one who misses his cars, hopefully you will be reunited soon...

{Lucinda Vintage Design}
To the one who once flew, I hope you never stop pursuing your dreams....

{Curly Willow Co}
Happy Father's Day.

- brook.

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