Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May 2013

I can't even believe that I am writing a May recap already. This spring seems to be flying by - all the more reason to soak up 'these moments' like a sponge.

This month brought lots of baby [B] milestones. He is at that age where it seems like they are doing something new every day.

May 3rd - Quiet Moments

With two toddlers at my feet, my house is usually anything but quiet. Today brought me two very special quiet moments with my boys. The first was when I was nursing [B] just before lunch. I was back in my bedroom sitting in our chair, the fan was on and [F] came and sat right at my feet on the ottoman and stuck his finger his mouth. It was such a great moment of breathing for me.

The second came that afternoon when I was enjoying some outside time with the boys. [F] was playing at his water table and [B] sitting beside me on a blanket picking at a piece of grass. I could hear the birds and the wind in the trees. I feel calm just reflecting on these moments.

May 9th - [B] discovers his own strength.

Today I found [B] sitting up in his crib smiling a big grin. He was so happy that he had pushed himself into a sitting position all on his own. Moments like these make me so thankful I am at home with my boys. I am able to experience all of their firsts.

May 11th - Old Ones But Gold Ones

Us circa 2001

Long over due. That is the best way I can describe our visit to Gainesville. Our dear friends, the Griffins, live there and we do not see them often enough. They have two boys (a few years older) that are close in age like [F] and [B]. And we had a blast.

[F] didn't even nap all day and I was so enjoying soaking up time with them that I didn't think about photographing our visit to include here (next time I will do better). Thankfully, Joy sent me a picture of this dinosaur sculpture made by Josh and the boys. It was a wonderful day filled with lots of boys and lots of play.

May 12th - Mother's Day

Along with a beautiful necklace, beautiful office supplies (pretty office supplies make me so happy), and chocolate. Today brought me the best gift of all, rest. My husband went out of his way to make sure I got to sleep in and didn't have to cook :) It was lovely.

May 13th - Target Free Second Tuesdays

Every second tuesday of the month admission is free to Imagine It!, the Atlanta Children's Museum. My friend, Devon, told me about this..... so Josh and I took the boys to see what it is all about. Normally it is pretty expensive to get in, so we were glad that Target footed the bill :)

The museum itself has lots of really cute sections for kids to explore (i.e. a grocery store, a fishing area, etch.), but overall the facility is a little out dated and needs some TLC. If you have little kids ages 2-4, it is definitely worth going on the free Tuesday....other than that, you may not feel it is worth the money.

May 14th - [B] decides solids aren't so bad.

[B] has struggled with a serious gag reflex - so solids have not been his favorite. Today, he did very well and ate 1/2 of a banana :)

May 22nd - I am in trouble

[B] started crawling today. That equals two on the move.

I hope that your May was a good one.

Do you have a special memory from this last May?

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I look forward to reading about a memory of yours from this past month :)

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- brook.

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