Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Packing Up and Moving Forward

The other day, I finally got around to packing up all of the baby clothes piling up in the boy's closet. I had about 8 months worth of clothes to go through and jumped into the task with both feet - spreading everything out on the floor while my littles toddled around me.

As I got about half way through, I got to the little baby shoes that we have collected over the past couple of years. I read the graphics on all the onesies I folded and my mind began to process the meaning of this moment.

How fast they are growing......How much their lives have already changed me as a woman......How much potential rests within these two small people.

A part of me was tugging on the inside toward sadness that those early moments are gone.

But I stopped myself from attaching sadness to those memories - those moments are meant for lasting feelings of joy, thankfulness, and excitement.

Moving forward is all there is. Growing bones don't mind the part of me that mourns the passage of time. Today's moments will always become yesterday. And sadness will sour the future if we allow it too much space.

But isn't 'moving forward' what all parents sign up for?

We have children so they would grow into their own.

So, I choose to soak up today like a sponge - so that as much of it will stay with me as possible. Because moving forward with joy, thankfulness, and excitement is what I want for my boys and for myself.

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- brook.


  1. Needed to hear this today!! Thank you!

  2. Beautiful post. The moment of passage that you describe eventually pile up into many, beginning with packing up baby clothes to giving them to the world later. My sponge is dripping. Perhaps were I a better woman I wouldn't weep, but I had 4 children and I cry at commercials so maybe I should cut myself a break. xo