Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Restoration for Summer 2013

This summer I will be doing a few things to 'restore' myself. Before being a wife and mother, I am a woman. I forget that at times so I have to be intentional about taking care of myself.

Here are my 5 Restoration Strategies for Summer 2013:

[1] Watch Movies.

Alamar is a beautiful movie that is a perfect depiction of summer. I can smell the salt in the air and feel the humidity on my skin when I watch this sweet story. A little boy, who lives in Italy, goes to visit his father, who lives in Cuba, for the summer. It is a must watch for these summer months. It is on Netflix for those of you with a subscription. See the preview here.

[2] Wear Some New Shades.

I am a monogamous sunglasses wearer. I have had two really great pairs for the the last 12 years or so. Recently, I decided I needed a fresh pair. I purchased these Calico sunglasses at Target. Every time I put them on, they make me feel like I have had a mini Sun makeover :)

[3] Take Care of My Feet.

Pretty feet are a must for the summer. At-home pedicures always make me feel rested. Over time, I have created a complete tool kit for at-home pedicures (including soak tub)....I will feature it on the blog some time this summer. Included in it is my favorite CHEAP nail polish Milani which you can purchase at Publix.

[4] Eat Avocados and Peaches.

Yes, avocados (source) and peaches (source) favorite summer foods. I will eat these in enormous amounts this summer.

[5] Read for Pleasure.

I associate reading with the summer. Even as a kid, I did more reading during the summer. Part of my reading list for these next couple of months is Dreams of Joy by Lisa See. This is a follow-up to her book Shanghai Girls which I read a few months back and loved.

Are you doing anything intentional to take care of yourself this summer?

This post is part of my Restoration Journey.

- brook.


  1. I am not sure if you know, but I am a fingernail polish FREAK. I paint and repaint my nails all of the time. I have used that brand before.. I love their colors, but I do not love how quickly they chip.
    Keep your eyes opened when you are at places like GAP, JCREW, URBAN OUTFITTERS... I always buy their fingernail polish on sale. Just as cheap as that brand, sometimes cheaper.. but way better quality!


  2. Thanks for the polish tip! I will definitely be on the look out. I haven't had the chipping problem with Milani it usually lasts about a week for me- but I only use it on my toes (I don't paint my fingernails much any more with all the diaper changing I do :)

  3. Al fresco dining is a must for me during the summer. We packed up our dinner last night and took it to a local park. I eat as much watermelon as I can get my hands on:)