Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Toddlers Get A Bad Rap

My husband is very observant and is very slow to get on his soapbox. So when he does...
I pay close attention.

Below is a transcript of something my husband said to me in the car on the way home from dinner the other night....

Josh: "You know.....toddlers get a bad rap"

Me: "Why is that?"

Josh: "Cause they are pretty much out of control.......but they are amazing."

Me: "Why are they amazing?"

Josh: "Because they are not afraid to live life and they have this innocence....[F] is so full of life, he is present in every moment."

(a few moments of silence) 

Josh: "You know....we could take a few cues from toddlers."

Me: "What cues would those be?"

"[1] don't be afraid to laugh at your situation."
"[2] don't be afraid to learn something new or try something you have never done before."
"[3] smile at people."

(a small pause)

Josh: "those things are huge....if you think about it."

As we grow older, we overcome the 'out of control' part of ourselves and begin to act more civilized....but it seems that for so many of us, we also loose the 'amazing' part along with it.

By [1] not taking myself so seriously, [2] stepping out of my comfort zone, [3] and using fewer facial muscles to express myself, I plan to consciously bring 'amazing' back.

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- brook.


  1. I love this post... and I agree, most people take themselves way to seriously, only do what is comfortable (GUILTY), and walk around with less than desirable looks on their faces, almost as if they have pooped their pants.

    Speaking of smiling... http://youtu.be/U9cGdRNMdQQ


  2. Rae!!! I love TED talks too (josh introduced me to them :)
    We have watched almost all of them on Netflix.
    thanks for sharing this one...I will definitely check it out.

    You 'poopy pants' description is perfect :)

  3. The Four Agreements has an interesting theory as to what happens to the spontaneous nature of children. We never know, though, what a person has going on in their life to judge them by their facial expression, do we? Bels palsy will reek havoc on a smile and cause a person to avoid smiling and giving them a rather poopy expression...just a minor example.