Monday, July 15, 2013

Favorite Finds [Mr. Printables]

Recently I joined Pinterest and as you can imagine....a whole new world has opened up to me.

One night when I was searching for a printable alphabet for [F], so that we could keep track of his letter acquisition - I found.....

and all of their amazing FREE printables!

For starters...beautiful alphabet cards that you can customize with objects around your home.

[Alphabet Play Cards]
And...because my boys AND my husband love robots so much....Emotion Flashcards that are robot faces.

[Emotion Flashcards]

[B] needs a bag tag for his church bag......these would be perfect for this.

[Animal Printable Note Cards]
They have activities, party decorations, learning activities....even printable posters of nursery rhymes.

[Rain, Rain, Go Away.]
Such an amazing resource.

Enjoy printing away :)

Other Favorite Finds

A Beautiful Mess Photo App

French Press Mornings - Encouraging Wednesdays

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 - brook.

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