Tuesday, July 16, 2013

June 2013

June 2013 was kind of a blur. Probably because there wasn't much glamorous going on with us. I guess that is why they call it the 'Dog Days of Summer'.

Josh has been working hard and I have really started to fall into a routine with taking care of our home. Up until a year ago, I have focused on my career. Now I am learning to appreciate the art of 'homemaking'. Our budget has been super tight, hence the 'unglamorous' aspect of our lives, but all in all I have enjoyed the closeness that comes with being creative to make ends meet.

I found some great friendships during this month. I am glad they have come along. It is nice to share in motherhood with other women my age.

The boys....well mainly [B], have finally settled into their class at church. [F] would rather me drop him off and let him live there with Ms. Amanda :) [B] was giving me a harder time...and by that I mean, I was called out of service every Sunday for 2 months straight (I do not exaggerate). Every Sunday I told the Lord that if he wanted me to be in service then he would settle [B] and if he wanted me in the nursery then he would call me out :)....well I got the hint :)

I started serving in the nursery at our church in the one year olds class, I purposely do not serve in the class of my boys. I have stepped out of my comfort zone of not wanting people other than my family to touch me :)....I know, not the best if you are working with a bunch of 1 year olds.

Other than that...it has been pretty quiet around here. Oh, I almost forgot.....

[F] said his first full sentence and it was a good one.....

"Daddy, you are home!" :)

Do you have a special memory from this past month?

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I look forward to reading about a memory of yours from this past month :)

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 - brook.


  1. June was a pretty humdrum month for us as well. Roan is really coming into his own though and it was a big month for him! He started scooting and really loves playing now. In the morning he beelines over to his book shelf, pulls all of his books down and sits happily in the pile of books for at least an hour turning pages and just looking. ....A great memory.

  2. 'I have enjoyed the closeness that comes with being creative to make ends meet.'

    I feel the exact same way! It really makes you appreciate what you have and better know your Provider.

  3. My memory of June 2013 is a profound reminder of something I already know. I am a psychiatric nurse and my memory is work related and about yet another phase in the journey of motherhood. I did the intake on a lovely 62 year old woman who attempted suicide by overdose with her husband's blood pressure medication. The paper work that preceded her to the hospital did not reveal the reason for her attempt as it usually does (allowing for personal preparation of the situation and installing a bit of steel strength to be on the helping end). So, face to face she revealed to me that she had recently had a birthday on which only 2 of her 6 children and none of her 8 grandchildren acknowledged her. "I was so sad" she said, "that I just wanted to sleep forever." I don't know how many birthdays they forgot...I doubt just this one and I sat there with my eyes brimming with tears that I tried desperately to not let drop thinking how fine the line between us. How frail a powerhouse mother of 6 can be and mostly that "but for the grace of God", I get to sit across from her with the great privilege of being her nurse...and reflect on how we never stop being Moms and how important our children are to us and that often, as strong Mom's are, they can be broken by being vulnerable to their children.