Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Low Maintenance Beauty - [Vita / E Hairspray]

I looks like grandma hairspray - but it is not. Vita / E is the BEST hairspray. It was introduced to me by my hair stylest, Lily. When she held the can up to my head for the first time, I said "wait a I going to smell like a grandma?"

[Wait! I just realized that there are grandmas reading this post :)....I don't mean you.....I mean what everyone stereotypically thinks of know what I am saying....right :/  ]

I buy mine at Sally Beauty Supply. Every once in a while they will run a 'buy 2 and get the 3rd free' deal and I stock up.

It is aerosol, sorry environment :(, but because of that it sprays on with a very fine mist.

It can be applied and re-applied all day and never looks clumpy or crispy :)

Make sure you get 'unscented' - or else it might actually be grandma hairspray :)

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