Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Much About Doing Nothing by Ruth Simons

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you have probably seen mention the words 'Grace Laced'. It is a blog I featured on my blog roll and link up to from time to time.

Grace Laced is authored by, Ruth Simons, a mother of 6 boys. I love her faith filled writing, but what draws me to her blog is her ability to tap into the roots of living. You know, those things that we 'used to do as kids' but don't have (I mean MAKE) time for in our 'modern day' lives.

Ruth recently touched on this with her post Much About Doing Nothing. In it, she writes about how we have allowed the much needed 'slowness of summer' to slip away from us.

"We live in a culture that equates doing with learning, entertainment with engaging, and busyness with living. We know better– even if sometimes we forget."

Lately I have had this feeling that if everyone else is doing it.....maybe I shouldn't be doing it.

Things like....giving my kids access to all our electronics, putting their pictures on the Internet, eating most meals on the go......

I don't think that these things mentioned in that list are 'bad' in and of themselves, but I do believe that we as a culture have made them habit....when 'the old fashion way' may be more filling.

The heat and long days of summer are meant for filling of the cup. The hectic days of fall will be waiting for us when we get there - no need to pine their absence today when we can soak ourselves in the much needed practice of 'doing nothing'.

Please take time to read Ruth's full post here. It will definitely be worth your while.

Thanks for reading.

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- brook.


  1. I once felt very important as a mother. I grew to learn, when my world became quiet, that my perceived importance was simply my children just needing me, the delusion was perpetuated, later, by the fact they stayed because they had no choice. The delusion shattered when it was just up to them to simply honor the mother in me. Not an easy picture. So, there is the person we think we are, the person the world thinks we're are and the person we are... Being still and doing nothing puts us face to face with the person we are, the one who gets very little attention. Perhaps it is the ennui that comes with a glimpse of the ordinariness of the true self that has us preferring "hectic"...which, by the way, is self created and perpetuated. It is only life after all! God has created quiet for us to see ourselves as he sees us.

  2. Brook, I'm just now seeing this and am so honored to be features here. I'm so grateful that The Lord spurs us on through like-minded sisters. Blessings to you...

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Ruth.