Thursday, July 11, 2013

What We Moms Can Do For Each Other by Lisa-Jo Baker

I recently found Lisa-Jo Baker on twitter. She is a bold, no nonsense writer who makes me feel comfortable every time I read her work.

She seems to have a passion for writing about how moms can encourage and support each other - because other moms are the only ones who understand.

I have a couple of her essays in my 'Must Read' que (I will share them with you as time passes). The first one I have been wanting to share for a couple of days now is entitled....

What We Moms Can Do For Each Other

A couple of my favorites from this post are...

"Sharing more than just, “I’m fine.”" 
"Telling her to be kind to herself, and that comfy clothes are always the right choice." 
"Not comparing houses or laundry piles or kids’ behavior."

Please take time to read her full post here. You will be blessed by it.

This post is dedicated to Anne Marie, my best friend, and all my other 'mama friends' new and old - I hope to be this kind of friend to you.

Find more articles and blog posts of note on my Must Reads page.

- brook.

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