Thursday, August 1, 2013

# Two Turns 1 - A Backyard Summer Fun Bash

We celebrated fat baby's first birthday this past weekend. It was a wonderful, wet, sandy and good-eats time with family and friends.

We hosted a Backyard Summer Fun Bash in hopes that the weather would be nice for a couple of hours :) It hasn't felt very much like summer around our parts because it is has been rainy, rainy, rainy. So, I was hoping that this party would give everyone a little taste for summer before we dip back into the fall.

The overall theme was 'Summer Fun', but somehow I leaned more in the direction of fish with everything :) It turned out so cute and I think everyone had a great time, I know [B] did :)

Backyard Summer Fun Bash Birthday Party Food

There was water, sand and more water. We had ages 1-7 years and everyone found some fun amongst the water table, sand table, and fishing pond. The whole bunch was soaked and sandy before it was all said and done - mission accomplished! :)

Backyard Summer Fun Bash Birthday Party Activities

There was also lots of eating.....even while taking a dip in the pool :)

Backyard Summer Fun Bash Birthday Party Eating

We had Fishin' Pole Cookies, Fish and Chips Snack, Watermelon, Pretzels, and Swimin' Fish/Caught Fish Cupcakes :) I told you....I went crazy with fish for some reason :)

Backyard Summer Fun Bash Birthday Party Food

The Fishin' Pole Cookies were definitely the party food favorite.

Fishin' Pole Cookies

I took Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Break and Bake - smooshed them together, rolled them out, and cut them with a fish cookie cutter from Joann Fabrics.

For the glaze - mix 4 cups of powdered sugar, 1/4 of milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla. Divide the glaze into four equal parts and die with food coloring. Add additional powered sugar to thicken for piping.

Piping Hint: We used washed Tylenol syringes to pipe on designs. It was kind of annoying to keep refilling them, but they worked so well - I will use this method again for sure.

The Fish and Chips Snack is equal parts: Cheddar Goldfish, Fritos, Veggie Sticks, and Oyster Crackers.

All in all it was a very relaxed, good time - AND the weather was quite pleasant :)

Happy First Birthday, [B]!

Inspiration for the party came from Parents Magazine Ultimate Birthday Party Planner.

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- brook.

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