Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY [Stationary] - A Shower Gift For a New Mama

I love the opportunity to shower a new mama with gifts, especially when it is her first. I remember how wonderful it felt to be so supported during those exciting months leading up to the big day.

I also remember trying to send out thank you's for every generous gift amongst the intense schedule of work, doctors appointments...and oh, and all that resting you are supposed to be doing :)

So, along with the fun part of the gift, I like to give a more 'practical' part too. Stationary. Already ready. Stamps included.

Here is a 'boy themed' set I made recently.

Cut your card stock to fit whatever envelopes you have laying around. I always seem to have some left over with stationary sets I use.

This Martha Stewart Train Edger Punch worked wonderfully (thank you, Nao, for this shower gift :). The graphic on top helps you to line up your paper to make a continuous die cut.

Don't forget the postage :) She will love you for this part the most.

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Thanks for reading.

- brook.

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  1. L.o.v.e. such a great idea, that turned out really cute!