Saturday, August 3, 2013

July 2013

Yes, it is time for my monthly reflection post. I can't believe it is August 2013 already. This past month was a dreamy sort of month - as July often is for me...

....except this time instead of fireworks and hot temperatures - it has been rainy.

Lots of Rain

This months brought me blooms. These are from seeds I planted. I have never done this before and was pretty pleased....even though I only had a handful of flowers, it was a big deal for this girl - who normally has a black thumb :)

Zinnia in Bloom

Mini Sunflowers in Bloom

I picked back up with the boy's baby books. That meant taking hand and foot prints of [B]. Since he turned one this month, his fat foot wouldn't fit on the ink pad :)...even so, I think they turned out great.

Baby Foot Print

My Aunt Bev, who I haven't seen since my wedding 10 years ago, came to visit. It was wonderful to see her. With her she brought our family's genealogy, along with copies of everything for me. I loved hearing stories of her journey filling in our family tree. Below is a picture (circa 1900) of my Great, Great, Great Grandfather and Grandmother with their kids.

Blood Line

I know it is really faded, but I love it. I love that I have to look in close to see all the detail. It makes me think about what they must have gone through to have this photo taken and how I take photographs for granted. I will treasure it forever.

Also, for the first time....I picked blueberries with Pop (my father-in-law). It was such a lovely experience. I will be writing more about that time of gathering soon.

Blueberry Picking

Best of all, July brought my second baby's first birthday and........he started walking:)

That is it for my wonderful July 2013.

Thanks to those of you who participated in Memory of the Month for June. I enjoyed reading your memories.

Do you have a special memory from this past month?

Post a memory you had from this past July in the comment section below. It could be anything big or small. Feel free to include a picture by clicking the.....
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Also, if you wrote blog post about a memory of yours from July - feel free to include a link within your comment.

I look forward to reading about a memory of yours from this past month :)

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Thanks for reading.

- brook.

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