Monday, September 16, 2013

August 2013

I guess since we are half way through September, I should get my August thoughts down in writing :)

There are four August 2013 memories that stick out the most for me:

1. [B] had his one year well-check. 

I can't believe that he is already ONE! He is doing very well. All things checked out great. I am thankful for the summer season because it has meant less visits to the doctor. And those that we have had to do, have been positive.

2. [F] drew his first sidewalk drawing with chalk.

3. Learning to preserve with Grandma Cole (Josh's Grandma). 

She took the time to show me how to preserve pears. We did everything together from picking them off the tree to putting the finished product in jars. It was a precious time of talking, laughing, and learning. I will continue her tradition every year from here on out.

4. Visiting our local fire station.

Grandma Cole wanted to take us to the fire station so the boys could see the trucks and visit with the firemen. I think I had just as much fun as [F] and [B]. I learned so much about how the station works. We met a female fireman who happened to be the driver of the truck. She was so kind and took lots of time showing us around and answering questions.

Did you know that you can stop by any time (as long as they are not on a call) during the day and they will be happy to show you around? We took muffins to show our appreciation. The crew that we met is working every holiday this year, so I plan to stop by at least one holiday with food before the year is out.

Do you have a special memory from this past month?

Post a memory you had from this past August in the comment section below. It could be anything big or small. Feel free to include a picture by clicking the.....
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I look forward to reading about a memory of yours from this past month :)

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- brook.

Friday, September 13, 2013

I should have cut myself some slack...

Now that I am almost completely done with healing from 2 pregnancies -

I know - I should have cut myself some slack along the way.

It wasn't that I didn't take good care of myself - I did.

It wasn't that I was impatient with my process - I was.

It was that deep down in my heart - I wasn't okay with the fact that I had to go through it all. Twinges of frustration here or there sparked up in my mind when I had to depend on others or when I thought about the fact I was no longer at 'my prime'.

What I would say to my day old, three month old, and 9 month old mama self is this.....

First, the strength will come back - some better than ever - with time.....with work.

Secondly, this journey of healing is a gift.

It gives you...

1. an intimate knowledge of your physical self

2. a respect for the aging process.

3. and finally.....the understanding that you can live at 'your prime' in every stage of life.

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Thanks for reading.

- brook

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10.ten.tenth [September 2013] - Back Home

My family and I just got home from our beach vacation. It was a much needed time together. We soaked up the salt, the sun, and each other. It was wonderful.

Today, was my third day spent around the house - unpacking us from a week away.

Here are ten photos from ten hours of today....the 10th of September.

[8 o'clock hour] - Morning Clover

[9 o'clock hour] - "Hello, my daily companion"
color flow
[10 o'clock hour] - JPP's Color Flow
beach reading
[11 o'clock hour] - Summer Reading
mid-day hallway
[12 o'clock hour] - Mid Day Light

[1 o'clock hour] - Puzzle
blue skies
[2 o'clock hour] - Blue Skies

[3 o'clock hour] - Laundry Buddy

boy puzzle
[4 o'clock hour] -  Boy Puzzle

5 o'clock shadow
[5 o'clock hour] - 5 O'clock Shadow
wooden duck
[6 o'clock hour] - Quack

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