Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10.ten.tenth [September 2013] - Back Home

My family and I just got home from our beach vacation. It was a much needed time together. We soaked up the salt, the sun, and each other. It was wonderful.

Today, was my third day spent around the house - unpacking us from a week away.

Here are ten photos from ten hours of today....the 10th of September.

[8 o'clock hour] - Morning Clover

[9 o'clock hour] - "Hello, my daily companion"
color flow
[10 o'clock hour] - JPP's Color Flow
beach reading
[11 o'clock hour] - Summer Reading
mid-day hallway
[12 o'clock hour] - Mid Day Light

[1 o'clock hour] - Puzzle
blue skies
[2 o'clock hour] - Blue Skies

[3 o'clock hour] - Laundry Buddy

boy puzzle
[4 o'clock hour] -  Boy Puzzle

5 o'clock shadow
[5 o'clock hour] - 5 O'clock Shadow
wooden duck
[6 o'clock hour] - Quack

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