Friday, September 13, 2013

I should have cut myself some slack...

Now that I am almost completely done with healing from 2 pregnancies -

I know - I should have cut myself some slack along the way.

It wasn't that I didn't take good care of myself - I did.

It wasn't that I was impatient with my process - I was.

It was that deep down in my heart - I wasn't okay with the fact that I had to go through it all. Twinges of frustration here or there sparked up in my mind when I had to depend on others or when I thought about the fact I was no longer at 'my prime'.

What I would say to my day old, three month old, and 9 month old mama self is this.....

First, the strength will come back - some better than ever - with time.....with work.

Secondly, this journey of healing is a gift.

It gives you...

1. an intimate knowledge of your physical self

2. a respect for the aging process.

3. and finally.....the understanding that you can live at 'your prime' in every stage of life.

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Thanks for reading.

- brook

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