Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fall Color - Sky Color

Today we had a very 'fall' day. One of my mama friends had us over to her house and in her front yard was the most fall front yard you have ever seen.

Lots of leaves on the ground and trees that were blindingly yellow. The boys had a blast playing and enjoying the weather.

Fall Leaves

Later tonight, [F] wanted to color so I got out a coloring sheet he got from the library this week. The image so perfectly matched the fun we had earlier.

As he colored, I asked [F] what colors we saw today and you know what......he nailed them perfectly.

Toddler Fall Color Sheet

I stood in awe that someone so young could be so observant. He seemed too busy at the time to pick up on this sort of thing. But he did.

This reminded me of a wonderful book my boys and I read recently that is about this very thing.

It is called Sky Color by Peter Reynolds.
ISBN: 9780763623456

Cover of Sky Color by Peter Reynolds
Illustration from Sky Color by Peter Reynolds

This story is about a little girl who did not have 'blue' to paint the sky in a school project. On the ride home, she finds that 'sky color' may be more than what she thought.

A lovely must read that is a great reminder to pay close attention to the world around you.

Check out my Kid's Books page for more reading recommendations. 

Thanks for reading. Happy Fall.

- brook.

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