Friday, November 22, 2013

What Does The Turkey Say?

Hello, and happy Friday before Thanksgiving! Yes, as much as it shocks me, turkey day is next week.

This year is the first year, I am purposely introducing Thanksgiving to my little guys. Even though they are only 2 and 1 - I want them to learn about giving thanks as early as possible.

Below are a couple of things I am doing with them this year to teach them about the holiday of Thanksgiving and being thankful.

Hopefully you will find something here you can share with your kids.

First up......The Mayflower Voyagers with Charlie Brown :) This movie is AWESOME! If you have Netflix, you can access it on there. I included a little clip below for those of you who wanted a preview. It is a precious cartoon that teaches about the history of the pilgrims and Thanksgiving.

Next is a little book I found at the library this past week entitled, My Book of Thanks by B.G. Hennessy. 

I have loved reading this book to my kids this week because it is through and through a book about thanks WITHOUT pictures and stories about the Thanksgiving holiday.

My Book of Thanks leads the reader through a step by step prayer on all the things to be thankful for in life.

It only has a few words per page so it is perfect for little toddlers.

And lastly....crafts. I will be completing these over the next few days with my kids and will post results soon after.

[Thankful Hands Card] 

The picture below is from My Paper Crane. I plan on modifying this one a little to include things we are thankful for.

[Fall Collage]

I love this one below from Ideals to Life because the Thanksgiving holiday is so much about the weather outside. [F] loves exploring and will be beyond excited to know that he can collect some things......and then bring them inside.....and then use glue! :)

I leave you with a cute Thanksgiving story from my house....the other day, [F] and I were putting together this 'Thank You' turkey card for our Children's Librarian and I asked [F] "What does a turkey say?"

He said........"Ummmm, the turkey says......Sandwich!" I said, "yea, buddy, I guess it does :)"

I hope you guys have a fun week with your kiddos preparing for your meal of thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading.

This post is part of my Diary.

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- brook.

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