Thursday, November 7, 2013

September and October 2013

Hello, Hello.
Here is a mini photo journal of the past two months.

First up. Early September.
Family Beach Trip. A Lovely Time Together.

Next. September 27th.
Josh and I celebrated TEN years of marriage :) with a slow-paced day in the city.

One thing of significant note from our day together - was my lunch at Yeah! Burger :)

And Now. October.
My Birthday. Josh's Birthday. But who really cares about that when you have cowboys roaming around the house :)

Do you have a special memory from this past month?

Post a memory you had from this past September or October in the comment section below. It could be anything big or small. Feel free to include a picture by clicking the.....
image icon within the Disqus comment box.
Also, if you wrote blog post about a memory of yours from either month - feel free to include a link within your comment.

I look forward to reading about a memory of yours from this past month :)

This post is part of my Diary.

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

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