Friday, December 6, 2013

A [Not] Very Good Deal

I have been itching to write. I have tossed around quite a few topics but every idea I talk myself out of before writing the first word. It is insecurity.

So. Today. To bust through this silliness. There will be no hesitation. Just writing.

I am joining Lisa-Jo Baker for five minutes of writing. no editing. Prompt is 'reflect'.

This past week or so has been a one....two....quadruple punch to the face.

All four of us were taken down by a mean muggin' virus. We fell like flies that just hit the zapper.

On the mommy front - my efforts were compromised by a completely consuming cough and a flickering battery life. So, I made a 'not very good deal' with myself.

[Let them watch TV-------as much as they want---------as long as there is rest and peace.]

And there was A LOT of TV watching, all day (and by all day I mean 8+ hours), pretty much every day.

But it was quiet, no one argued, I didn't have to raise my voice, I was 'allowed' to be sick.

Payment for this deal will be stiff.

Well, payment.....that is a whole other post entirely.

Have you ever made a 'not very good deal' with yourself as a parent?

Thanks for reading.

- brook.


  1. In answer to the question you posed....I sure have. Forgive yourself. Do you feel better (physically)? Then you did what you had to do to be a functioning mom!

  2. Stopping in from Five Minute Friday. Loved the reflection.

  3. I talk myself out of writing all the time!! Good thoughts.

  4. B. Your Omi used to say, "Everything in moderation, including moderation." I always thought it was a healthy plan for happiness.

  5. Thanks ladies, for all the sweet comments. :)