Friday, December 13, 2013

A Quick Note

.....and a 12 days before Christmas hug to all the Mama Bee No E mama's that had a DAY today.

This mama has been chewed up and spit out......and still has to go clean up the kitchen :)

A few minutes ago, I slammed dunked my littles into their beds and walked into the living room to take a breath.

I noticed my little tiny reflection in this ornament and it made me smile :) I am thankful for this season and for all the other mama's that are feeling the same way I am right now.

A big fist bump to you, ladies. The kids are in bed :)

Thanks for reading.

- brook.


  1. Yes! High fives all around. Maybe a pat on the bum, too. :)

  2. haha :) definitely some pats on the bum going around too :)