Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Photography Love

Happy Tuesday :) I hope your week is going well.

These past couple of days/weeks, some photos have crossed my path via Facebook and Twitter that hit me right where I am.

Any....hoo.....I wanted to share them here in case you haven't seen them.

[1] Theo and Beau :) A boy and his puppy, who nap together. Jessica Shyba, their mom, and writer of the blog Momma's Gone City has posted quite a few pictures of their naps together. Here are a couple of my favorites. Follow her on Facebook to get daily updates of these two cuties.

[2] Moving without Mom. A photo series of a dad and daughter that recreates the steps taken a couple of years previously when mom and dad were about to get married. Their story touched me because, this newly married mom with a young daughter passed away at the age of 31 because of cancer. Stories like these keep me thankful. The one below is my favorite, but also punches me in the gut. Check out the rest here.

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

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