Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hugs and Love :)

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Other Hugs and Love Posts

We love Valentine's Day at our house. Yes, I have two boys and yes there is still lots of pink and red all around :)

I am calling this series of posts Hugs & Love because that is what we give to each other whenever we part ways.

Hugs and Love go great with there you go :)

This holiday is great if you have kids, because it is another occasion to spend time with them - letting them know how important they are to you.

In my mama world, there is very little that is better than crafting with my kids.

I love it because we are learning together, we are both doing things together for the first time.
For them, it is the first of painting.....gluing....creating.
For me, crafting with them is always a 'first' because you never know what may happen :)

But there are a couple of things that ALWAYS happen when you craft with kids....

lots of mess and sweet, sweet bonding.

So, throw out perfection and your 'to do' list and sit down with us for some Valentine's Day crafting.

p.s. Your kids are different than mine (different ages....personalities) so some of these crafts may work great and others may not. Either way, I hope they serve as inspiration to create with your little ones...whatever it may be.

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

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  1. Very excited for this week of crafts! Can't wait to see how creative my little man can be ;) Thanks for sharing!