Monday, February 3, 2014

Heart Strings Valentine

Hello, there. I am here with the first toddler valentine craft for the Hugs and Love celebration.

This one is called 'heart strings' because it is a heart and a string :).

For this activity you will need the following a toddler (or two :).

1. Hole Punch  2. Yarn  3. Hearts Cut From Cardstock 4. Pen 5. Construction Paper Hearts (optional)
6. Washi Tape 7. Scissors 8. Glue (optional)

You will start by taking a hole punch to a paper heart :)

Depending on the age of your toddler, you can have them help you or not. My almost three year old really liked doing this part with me.

Although you can use a single hole punch, the three hole punch made it easier for us to do it together.

If you fold the heart in half, you will get a symmetrical arrangement of holes (even if your toddler is in charge of this part :).

Now, you let your toddler go to town threading the yarn through the holes.

Tip: It helps if you feed the yarn through the first hole and secure it with washi tape before letting them go it on their own.

My older son got bored really quickly with the 'threading portion', but my 18 month old really liked this part.

I would love to see what older kids would do with this activity.

You could make some really unique yarn patterns with the different hole arrangements.

After they are done threading, secure the loose end with a second piece of washi tape.

If you don't have washi tape, you could hold the yarn with regular scotch tape and glue an embellishment (like the small construction paper hearts) on top (we didn't do this part, because I thought the tape looked really cute :)

Last step is to write a valentine note anywhere on the heart :)

Who Did What (Overview)
to give you an idea of how it might go with the different ages of your littles

34 Month Old:
- Punch Holes with Three Hole Punch
- Threaded Yarn (Some :)
- Applied Washi Tape

18 Month Old:
- Punched Holes with Mama :)
- Threaded Yarn with Mama and loved it :)

- Cut out hearts
- Wrote Valentine Messages
- Made sure no one hole punched a finger :)

I hope you and your kids have fun doing this. I would love to hear and see how it turns out.

Special thanks to Vanilla Joy for inspiring this craft idea.

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Thanks for reading.

- brook.

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