Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Many Species of Naps

Day Light Savings always holds such a special little place in my heart :) Yes, it signifies the change in seasons (which I do like) - but it also means......a whole week of erratic sleep for my little boys.

It brings to mind a list of several 'species' or 'types' of naps - each one bringing its own little storm :)

[1] The Perfect Nap
This is the unicorn of naps. The kind you may never see maybe but once or twice - if at all. Your child sleeps long enough to be rested and pleasant when they wake - and you have napped, cleaned....relaxed. :) - Like I said, unicorn :)

[2] The Leap Frog
Occuring when you have more than one child. With this one, the children 'take turns' napping. Literally, as one gets up the other goes down. The littles are rested but they can't understand why mama is sooooo worn out :)

[3] The No Nap, Nap
They took a nap but wake up an emotional basket case (as if they never took a nap). This is my personal favorite :)

[4] Nap Interrupted
Fed ex, the dog, unwelcome solicitors, the lawn guy, interrupt what was promising to be a good rest for you little one. Bless their hearts....they have no idea how they have rocked your afternoon :) p.s. try this cute little sign. It works wonders.

[5] The Short, but Not-So Sweet Nap
A nap lasting 20-30 minutes. Usually brought on by a car ride or illness. Best part of this one, is that even though they wake completely exhausted....they refuse to rest any longer :)

[6] The Marathon
A rare breed, usually happens when you have planned to be somewhere that afternoon (do your kids do this?....mine do it to me ALL the time. Make a 3:30 appointment and BAM, they want to sleep the afternoon away). This one could also mean that your house is about to get slapped in the face by a mean virus.

[7] The No Nap Bender
They don't sleep for 8+ hours. They are wired and frantic, showing extreme highs and lows in their mood changes.

[8] The Last Nap
You don't know until it has come and gone.....the last nap they would ever take :( Thankfully, that day hasn't come for me, but I know it is looming out there somewhere :)

Would you add any other nap 'species' to this list?

Hope this gave you a little laugh during our time of 'springing forward'.

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Flight Path

Oldest woke first on this beautiful afternoon.

While little brother was sleeping, [F] and I stole a piece of the afternoon for ourselves.

We read and played trains, just he and I. With a glance out of the window, I noticed a red tree against the bluest sky. To me, it seemed odd....more of an autumn color combination. But, I thought it would make a lovely photograph - so we stepped outside.

When we are inside, I forget that we live under a major flight path to and from the airport. When we are outside, especially during 'rush hour' there are planes that pass by every couple of minutes. They fill the sky with the most soothing white noise.

One passed in front of my lens and surprised me.

As I was turning to go back inside, I heard [F]'s small voice speaking.

"There he goes...."

"I see you little plane."

"Bye, Bye - see you later."

He had perched on the steps and was tracking the planes from left to right.

I was moved by his reverence and honor for this moment. He doesn't have to 'try' to stop and take notice. At his age, it comes naturally.

I can hear his sweet 2 year old voice in my head now, as I type.

'Tomorrow' he will be big and busy and it will be harder to remember exactly what his voice sounded like at this age.

So rather than rush him in - to get back to my to do's, I will sit on our door stoop.
Take the time to soak him in........and tuck this moment into my heart.

"But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February 2014

I always have to say the word 'February' to myself in order to spell it....making special emphasis on the 'bru' :)

This past month was an up and down month - weather wise. It didn't seem like it could decide what it wanted to be....really cold.....or really warm. So, it oscillated between both. Snow and ice one day, sunny, blue 70's the next.

I jumped on EVERY opportunity to soak up good weather. If the sun was out, I shrugged off my 'at home' responsibilities and I took the boys outside.

The laundry piled up (I don't think there was a single week this month when I got it all done). Our clothes began to take part in what we called the '5 part cycle'.

Spend a day in the basket.
Spend the rest of the time waiting on the dining room table :)

I think I REALLY vacuumed my house only once this month :) Yikes, right? :)

And the toys.....oh, this house has been a broken ankle waiting to happen - but it didn't matter, cause we weren't there :)

We were in the yard - walking in the neighborhood - at the park.

[B] spent a lot of time in these blue 'bubbles' (as he calls them :) collecting sticks and rocks while looking out at everyone in the park.

And [F] finally got the courage to go down the big boy slide on his own.

I will remember February 2014 for the short bursts of beautiful weather and the fact that we embraced everyone of them.

I hope you had a good February :)

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pillow Romping

Sometimes and by sometimes, I mean every day these two little boys have a significant amount of steam to let off. When it gets 'that time', I can almost hear their bodies humming....just buzzing with energy.

Pillows on the floor and let them go.

Until they can't go anymore.

And then this sweetness comes in.

Thanks for reading.

- brook.