Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February 2014

I always have to say the word 'February' to myself in order to spell it....making special emphasis on the 'bru' :)

This past month was an up and down month - weather wise. It didn't seem like it could decide what it wanted to be....really cold.....or really warm. So, it oscillated between both. Snow and ice one day, sunny, blue 70's the next.

I jumped on EVERY opportunity to soak up good weather. If the sun was out, I shrugged off my 'at home' responsibilities and I took the boys outside.

The laundry piled up (I don't think there was a single week this month when I got it all done). Our clothes began to take part in what we called the '5 part cycle'.

Spend a day in the basket.
Spend the rest of the time waiting on the dining room table :)

I think I REALLY vacuumed my house only once this month :) Yikes, right? :)

And the toys.....oh, this house has been a broken ankle waiting to happen - but it didn't matter, cause we weren't there :)

We were in the yard - walking in the neighborhood - at the park.

[B] spent a lot of time in these blue 'bubbles' (as he calls them :) collecting sticks and rocks while looking out at everyone in the park.

And [F] finally got the courage to go down the big boy slide on his own.

I will remember February 2014 for the short bursts of beautiful weather and the fact that we embraced everyone of them.

I hope you had a good February :)

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

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  1. I remember a time when I had piles of laundry, 3 large ones, on each seat cushion of the couch waiting to be folded, every day. Then I had many folded piles on the floor. Eventually they made it to the appropriate drawer and then... You guys got a hold of them. Sometimes it took most of the day and half the night to get from couch to drawer...and then a day or so for them to get washed again whether they needed it or was faster to wash them then sort the stinky from the clean! Not feeling so bad about the wreck of a house I always had anymore...thanks to your post. xo m