Friday, March 7, 2014

Flight Path

Oldest woke first on this beautiful afternoon.

While little brother was sleeping, [F] and I stole a piece of the afternoon for ourselves.

We read and played trains, just he and I. With a glance out of the window, I noticed a red tree against the bluest sky. To me, it seemed odd....more of an autumn color combination. But, I thought it would make a lovely photograph - so we stepped outside.

When we are inside, I forget that we live under a major flight path to and from the airport. When we are outside, especially during 'rush hour' there are planes that pass by every couple of minutes. They fill the sky with the most soothing white noise.

One passed in front of my lens and surprised me.

As I was turning to go back inside, I heard [F]'s small voice speaking.

"There he goes...."

"I see you little plane."

"Bye, Bye - see you later."

He had perched on the steps and was tracking the planes from left to right.

I was moved by his reverence and honor for this moment. He doesn't have to 'try' to stop and take notice. At his age, it comes naturally.

I can hear his sweet 2 year old voice in my head now, as I type.

'Tomorrow' he will be big and busy and it will be harder to remember exactly what his voice sounded like at this age.

So rather than rush him in - to get back to my to do's, I will sit on our door stoop.
Take the time to soak him in........and tuck this moment into my heart.

"But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

Thanks for reading.

- brook.


  1. Love it!!!! Sweet boys grow up so fast!

  2. Super sweet! The moments fly by so fast. Thanks for listening and talking to me so much last night. My life is better because of you!

  3. Love love love! Especially that his buddy is right by his side

  4. Joney, that is really sweet of you. The feeling is mutual :)

  5. This is so sweet. They are precious aren't they? I liked that quote of Mary.. my husband has that introspective spirit and treasures things. What a sweet moment you've got here.

  6. Hey Georgia,
    That verse about Mary hits me every time I read it. Especially since it is during the time when Jesus was just born and all those around her were buzzing about the significance of His arrival. I am sure that she felt so overwhelmed by all that she had just gone through and the thought of what was to come of this important life.
    And still, she tucked it all in her heart to remember - taking hold of a calm amidst the storm.
    Thanks for the comment :)