Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Many Species of Naps

Day Light Savings always holds such a special little place in my heart :) Yes, it signifies the change in seasons (which I do like) - but it also means......a whole week of erratic sleep for my little boys.

It brings to mind a list of several 'species' or 'types' of naps - each one bringing its own little storm :)

[1] The Perfect Nap
This is the unicorn of naps. The kind you may never see maybe but once or twice - if at all. Your child sleeps long enough to be rested and pleasant when they wake - and you have napped, cleaned....relaxed. :) - Like I said, unicorn :)

[2] The Leap Frog
Occuring when you have more than one child. With this one, the children 'take turns' napping. Literally, as one gets up the other goes down. The littles are rested but they can't understand why mama is sooooo worn out :)

[3] The No Nap, Nap
They took a nap but wake up an emotional basket case (as if they never took a nap). This is my personal favorite :)

[4] Nap Interrupted
Fed ex, the dog, unwelcome solicitors, the lawn guy, interrupt what was promising to be a good rest for you little one. Bless their hearts....they have no idea how they have rocked your afternoon :) p.s. try this cute little sign. It works wonders.

[5] The Short, but Not-So Sweet Nap
A nap lasting 20-30 minutes. Usually brought on by a car ride or illness. Best part of this one, is that even though they wake completely exhausted....they refuse to rest any longer :)

[6] The Marathon
A rare breed, usually happens when you have planned to be somewhere that afternoon (do your kids do this?....mine do it to me ALL the time. Make a 3:30 appointment and BAM, they want to sleep the afternoon away). This one could also mean that your house is about to get slapped in the face by a mean virus.

[7] The No Nap Bender
They don't sleep for 8+ hours. They are wired and frantic, showing extreme highs and lows in their mood changes.

[8] The Last Nap
You don't know until it has come and gone.....the last nap they would ever take :( Thankfully, that day hasn't come for me, but I know it is looming out there somewhere :)

Would you add any other nap 'species' to this list?

Hope this gave you a little laugh during our time of 'springing forward'.

Thanks for reading.

- brook.


  1. Interesting nap interpretation. I had 4 babies all within 5 years and naps were the perfect naps 1-3 every day rain or shine. Y'all slept through it all except when sick or teething. I think y'all wore each other were the busiest. Thank goodness for small blessing because who has 4 babies in 5 years?? You gotta give that Moma a break somewhere!! I was (am) blessed. <3

  2. Love these descriptions! So witty.

  3. This post is fun..except true, sadly, I am sure for so many friends with little ones! What in the word, daylight savings time! I have heard that across the board with the kids.
    Number three made me laugh.

  4. yes. naps = Mama Break. naps are my happy place :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Julie!!!!!! Glad I could give you a laugh :)

  6. Brook, I love this! How clever! I don't know how I missed it initially. I don't have any to add- I think you got it. Maybe I would add the nap battle. That nap time that is filled with calling for mommy, hollering, crying, and fighting the nap the entire time. Worst of all is when they then fall asleep when it's really too late and you're exhausted and then they end up staying up later. Boo!

  7. p.s. I nominated you for an award!