Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Storm

Ever since I can remember, I have loved watching storms roll in.

When I was real little, we had this screened-in porch where I could sit in complete safety and take up audience to the most intense rain storms. 

Perched next to the screen, in a padded swivel chair that had a wooden base, I could feel the wind pushing through the space, sometimes carrying mists of rain with it.

Stormy sky with dark trees

I still watch storms. They make me feel swept up and turned around and so small.

As the temperature drops quickly and the wind ushers in new lighting, it magnifies the sensation that the Earth is moving.

On this particular day, the crows filled the sky, wings still, riding the wind as the pressure changed.

Stormy sky

This summer has brought storms almost daily.

Every time, they know where to find me......on the porch, watching intently.

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Photography Love

Hello there. Bringing you two more photograph collections I love.

[1] - Jinky Art = Children + Fantasy

I originally saw a photograph by Jinky Art on Pinterest. When I clicked over to the website, I found the most beautiful online collection. Many of the photos include children with animals. These are a couple of my favorites. Check out more Jinky Art here.

[2] Wengenn in Wonderland = Napping Baby + Props + Mama Photographer

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw these photos is "Wow, she gave up nap time to take pictures?" :)

But really, they are beautiful and so creative. Such a treasure for her and her little one. Check out all of Wengenn's Adventures here.

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


ooooooooooo, y'all!

Today was the day.

I knew this day was coming because [B] is on the brink of turning two. I just wasn't sure EXACTLY when it would get here.

It came today.

Mamas, you know what day I am talking about.

The one where your toddler pushes it and pushes it and you finally have to do what you have always said you would do......

leave the store - right then and there.

Code RED - 5 Alarm siren. I am talking a molecular level toddler MELT DOWN.

He tried to call my bluff......but guess what?  MAMA WASN'T BLUFFING!!!!!!!  :)

I wish I was, because I really wanted those tailored black ankle length pants (I had to hand those to the nearest cashier on our way out) and there was a pair of sable colored sandals calling my name.

Instead, we headed to the car to have some serious discussion along with other consequences that I won't go into the specifics of.

All the while, [F] was quietly tagging along. He remembers when he and I had our showdown a little over a year ago - it was at the grocery store. OOOOOOOO, I was really fit to be tied on that day, because I hate grocery shopping as it is.

So now, I sit here typing this memory while eating a mug of Publix Premium Chocolate Trinity Ice Cream, because this is an important day to remember.

The day when my youngest pair of blue eyes tested to see if mama was 'for real'.

"Yes, baby, your mama is FOR REAL."

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Quiet Visitor

The other night, just before dusk, we headed out for an evening walk. The littles were especially squirrely and needed to release some 'end of day energy'.

[B] was the first of the group to head outside. While the rest of us were busy in the garage and kitchen putting on shoes - he stood in the driveway, looking into the woods behind our house.

When I came out to check on him, he turned where he stood to face me.

His face was as white as a sheet. With a trembling voice he said....

"Mommy, I am scary."

.....meaning I am scared :(

His way of saying things these days is so stinkin' cute :)

My heart dropped, thinking it might be a coyote or fox (we have had several of those in years past).

I ran to sweep him up and looked toward the woods.

20 yards away stood the most beautiful female dear.

She looked back at us with such confidence. She did not move. She showed no signs of fear. She just stared at us.

I called out for [F] to come join us. He ran out of the house - I thought for sure she would be gone when I looked back.

She was still there. Her ears twitched as evening bugs touched her head. She nibbled something on the ground and then raised her head again.

We were amazed. Even, Fig was silent, which is so unlike her considering the size of our visitor.

After another 30 seconds or so, the deer casually turned and slowly walked into the woods.

Such a sweet summer time treat :)

Our quiet visitor reminded me of one of my favorite songs.

As the Deer by Martin Nystrom Sheet Music

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer 2014 - Part 1

collage of Pictures from May 2014
Summer 2014, you are over---flowing.

The love of those three.....

.....and also at those weddings on thick summer nights.

Sweat and sugar on those two faces, working so hard to find their little friends in the dirt.

Finding those meant to be friendships in the lake water....

.....and also my running legs.

Impatiens, I didn't know you would do so well in our shady neck of the woods, from now on,

you will be my forever summer companion.

There is one, who is missing from my summer. She is closer, but not close enough....

Summer 2014, thank goodness there is still more of you to come.

- brook.