Wednesday, June 25, 2014


ooooooooooo, y'all!

Today was the day.

I knew this day was coming because [B] is on the brink of turning two. I just wasn't sure EXACTLY when it would get here.

It came today.

Mamas, you know what day I am talking about.

The one where your toddler pushes it and pushes it and you finally have to do what you have always said you would do......

leave the store - right then and there.

Code RED - 5 Alarm siren. I am talking a molecular level toddler MELT DOWN.

He tried to call my bluff......but guess what?  MAMA WASN'T BLUFFING!!!!!!!  :)

I wish I was, because I really wanted those tailored black ankle length pants (I had to hand those to the nearest cashier on our way out) and there was a pair of sable colored sandals calling my name.

Instead, we headed to the car to have some serious discussion along with other consequences that I won't go into the specifics of.

All the while, [F] was quietly tagging along. He remembers when he and I had our showdown a little over a year ago - it was at the grocery store. OOOOOOOO, I was really fit to be tied on that day, because I hate grocery shopping as it is.

So now, I sit here typing this memory while eating a mug of Publix Premium Chocolate Trinity Ice Cream, because this is an important day to remember.

The day when my youngest pair of blue eyes tested to see if mama was 'for real'.

"Yes, baby, your mama is FOR REAL."

Thanks for reading.

- brook.


  1. This brings back memories. I was in Publix with mine when he was around 2 years old, and I had to walk a half full cart of groceries to customer service and just leave them there. I think everyone in the store was glad we left.

  2. I know, hahaha! The moms were just smiling at me, cause they understood and everyone else was just counting the seconds for us to be gone

  3. Yes! Gangsta grill! Better to deal with them while they are 2 yrs old, not 14

  4. I can feel this day a comin'.... hahaha. I am ready. Bring it on, little redhead.

  5. Been there & it is no fun, but worth it! I was scolded the other day by a lady in line behind me at Ross for "not being nicer to him". Smh!

  6. Loved it and how "that" day will never be forgotten.

  7. Chris, you are in this thick, like me . I hope all is well with your two littles.

  8. Natalie, people are so funny some times, aren't they? Good thing these little ones are so cute, helps them and us to survive their toddlerhood