Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hold You Me

"Hold You Me." "Hold You Me, mama"

That is what [B] says when he wants to be picked up and held.

Usually, he immediately rests his head on my shoulder.

A perfect 'hold - you - me'....not just me holding him, but him holding me.

Today, he turned two.

The one with blueberry blue eyes and a smile worth a million bucks is turning two.

Gosh, he reminds me of his daddy - patient, kind, stubborn - slow to wake in the morning, quick to forgive.

I love him and how perfect he is for our family. I felt rushed by the 15 month gap, but the Lord knew that we needed this sweetest little one.

Photo taken of [B] and his daddio in 2013 by the amazing Jessica Wright-Moore.

Thanks for reading.

- brook.


  1. This is so sweet Brook. My 3 year old still says, "Hold you?" And I always say, "But I'm too big." ;) Of course I hold her but it's precious.

  2. I love the first phrases little ones say. Whittled down to the most important part :)

  3. Love this! Can't believe that sweet boy is turning 2! "Hold mama me" tight sweet mama! I love your posts.